Frequently Asked Questions

We have spots reserved for first-time guests in our Main Entrance parking lot, but you’re welcome to park anywhere you’d like! As you enter our parking lot from IL-159, you will see signs directing you to Visitor Parking and the Main Entrance.

Come in clothes you feel most comfortable in. There are people who wear jeans and a t-shirt, while others wear business casual attire or a suit and tie. All styles are welcome. 

Our Welcome Center located just inside the Main Entrance, is staffed with friendly volunteers who will be happy to help you! This is a place you can go to ask questions and get directions inside the church.

Absolutely! We have Bible Study groups appropriate for all ages. Some groups use curriculum such as the Gospel Project, others use Lifeway's Bible Studies for life, and others select a specific Bible study topic. Our welcome team can guide you to the group that is most of interest to you.